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People, Markets, Machines.

We help listen to the voice of customers, provide real-time insights into markets, and monitor industrial processes and machines. All this via our ultra-fast interactive analytics engine for huge-scale, heterogeneous, time-stamped data sets.

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We build products that are highly responsive, enabling the user to be an integral part of the data discovery process.

A Common Platform

We have built a back-end infrastructure tailored for mixed media large-scale data analytics, with a focus on agility and responsiveness.

Responsive Analytics

Intuitive user interfaces that enable users to interact smoothly with data, leading to better insights, quicker.

Time-stamped heterogeneous data

Our product suite is tailored at problems involving large data sets that include both time and events, and focusses on delivering interpretable results.

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Chat with the SumUp team to learn more about how we can improve your organization's processes with our analytics systems.

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